我有时坐我父亲的小汽车去上学。 Sometimes I go to school in/by my father's car.

I 是主格做主语的时候用 me是宾格,做宾语的时候用,通常是动词和介词后面加宾格

歌名:The Nights 歌手: Avicii Hey, once upon a younger year 嘿 还年少时 When all our shadows disappeared 我们所有的掩饰都消逝 The animals inside came out to play 尽情释放内心的狂野 Hey, went face to face with all our fears 嘿 ...

please let me know if there is anything necessary to be revised 不能直接用need,因为是动词,这儿需用形容词做定语。

If it doesn't fit your time slot, please let me know and I will re-arrange the meeting.

If there is anything for me to do, please tell me about it.

in the case of

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