morning exercises

we usually do exercise at 8:30 in every morning

We from 8 to 20 points at 8 o 'clock every morning to do morning exercises.望楼主采纳!

morning exercise

你好.八点做早操 翻译成英语是:Eight do morning exercises.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

Do morning exercises at about eight twenty.Make morning exercises at about eight twenty.Start doing morning exercises at about eight twenty.

为你解答.”我们应该每天做早操.“ (译文) We should do morning exercises every day.(同义句) We are supposed to do morning exercises every day.

在早上六点三十五做早操 Do morning exercises at six thirty-five in the morning 注:morning 英 [m:n] 美 [m:rn] .n. 早晨; 上午; 黎明; 早期,初期; [例句]During the morning your guide will take you around the city.导游上午会带你们游览全城.

The time for us to do morning excise 是exercise.我拼错了

do they do morning exercises on the playground every day ?祝学习进步,天天快乐!

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