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厘山夘頁音低亟議 奕担鍬咎哂猟

哂囂頁I can't understand what you wrote. 鞘徨盾瞥 can't 哂[k┿:nt] 胆[kænt] v. 音嬬音氏; [箭鞘]I'm afraid I can't remember the way 厘訊殿音芝誼揃阻。 understand 哂[ˌʌndəˈstænd] 胆[ˌʌ...


^泌惚嗤匯爺厘音麼強孀厘低阻音頁咀葎低音嶷勣阻遇頁厘音岑祇厘珊嶷音嶷勣 ̄"If one day I do not take the initiative to find you, I love you not because of who you are not important, but I don't know I heavy not important"

^厘音訐軣磧欝柘囂辛參傍 1、I don't want to pay attention to you ; 2、I don't want to talk to you. 箭鞘 1、低辛參載酒汽議御盆徭失此按墸嗟崗厘油需低傍議三阻徽厘儿功音訐軣磧 ̄ You can simply say to yourself, ^I hear wha...

厘音岑祇低壓傍焚担? I don't know what you're talking about 坪否謡婢 I don't understand what you are saying.厘音岑祇低壓傍焚担。 John Smith: I don't know you're talking about.埃採匆志祇低壓傍焚担 I don't cotton on to wha...

低短嗤亟斤宸倖汽簡,椎頁咀葎低音徙聾 You din't write the word right because you were careless. 泌嗤夘諒萩弖諒

低葎焚担音尖厘 Why do you ignore me 低葎焚担音尖厘 Why do you ignore me

埋隼厘音氏哂猟音氏晩猟匆音氏鮫鮫辛嬬低功云心音峡厘亟議頁焚担匆辛嬬低功云音岑祇宸撃佚議贋壓徽頁厘珊頁載蝕伉議亟和阻宸粁猟忖。 暴は哂囂ではなく、晩云囂できないことも、}を宙いて、訊らくあなたは畠隼わからない暴に採と慕い...

頁Britney Spears議Bombastic Love宅甚仂篳That you're the only one

I don't know where you are. I'm uneasy with not seeking for you.

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