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同性恋们,谁在追求爱?Hey Gay! What are you loo...

歌曲名:God is a gay 歌词及大意: remembering me, discover and see, 回忆起我 发现真理 all over the world, he is known as a gay 犹如全世界所知 他都是唯一的GAY to those who are free, the mind shall be key 放开你的思想 理解就是真理

are you a boy or a girl

你好.同性恋什么.我爱你翻译的肯定是对的 可是意思我也不太清楚 希望采纳

there are no a Foreign gay .

Could you list more ideas?What are they翻译:你能列出更多的主意吗?他们是什么?

guy 家伙 GAY 嘿嘿 ..同性恋 (男男)

(We Are All Gay我们都是同志)We are on fire. 我们都欲火上身We have desires. 我们都有欲望But one is that way, one backstreet boy is gay. 但是有个后街男孩是同志 But we don't want to be mean since now he's a queen 既然他是个queen(偏女

You are awful gay是 你是可怕的同性恋. Gay,在英文中除了表示“快乐”、“愉悦”或“高兴”,也用来表示同性恋.使用上,除了引用过去创作的文艺作品时能够用到原意外,或者除去戏谑与文字游戏等场合外,日常生活中已经基本不再使

the power, we've got the powerfor a light spent in high in any changetell me who's to blamestupid views,never mind,tuck in,we so linemust we all be the samedon't be afraid to show that we can all both believe in itone heart, one soulone love, one

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