It was so so lucky for me to meet you in such a big big world. 隠屬屎鳩仇祇填゛゛

鍬咎It's my fortune to meet you.

thank you for being with me all the time. i am so lucky to meet you/ it is my greatest luck to have you in my life. 細細恷朔磯鞘嗤泣陶阻。叙工歌深錬李辛參逸欺低 ^_^

囑需低頁厘議侑塰議哂猟鍬咎I am lucky to meet you. lucky 哂 [ˈlʌki] 胆 [ˈlʌki] adj.塰賑挫議縦侑議;孥遊挫議耳薺;ヾ抖ゝ佃誼;載如輝議 箭泌Some people are born lucky aren't they? 嗤繁伏栖祥嗤牽賑音頁...

低頁厘議侑塰 You are my lucky You was I lucky

내가 너 때문에 얼마나 행운을 만나다昆囂 暴はなんと侑せがあなたに竃氏う晩囂 ฉันโชคดีท...

哂猟鍬咎葎 囑貧厘頁低書伏恷寄議侑塰 In the event of my life you are the greatest lucky 恷寄議侑塰 The best of luck 箭鞘 椎肝毛用頁厘匯伏嶄恷寄議侑塰。 That was the luckiest escape of my life. 噐頁厘断鞠村恷寄議利貧唾佩芙E...

低挫 厘載侑塰咀葎厘囑需阻低断 I am very lucky because I met you

囑需低頁厘書伏恷寄議侑塰 Coming across with you is the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. 握低頁厘宸渦徨涙孜議僉夲 Loving you is the only thing that I'll never regret in my life.

圻栖低頁厘恷訌廖議侑塰. So you are my most want to keep the lucky.

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