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热烈欢迎来访 英语

1、Warmly welcome the visit of XXX and XXX .例句:Warmly welcome the visit of American XXX group vice-president Mr.Johm Green and staff.【热烈欢迎美国×××集团副总裁约翰?格林先生一行来访】2、Warmly welcome ×&#...

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热烈欢迎 [rè liè huān yíng] [词典] give sb. a warm welcome; accord ... a hearty welcome; a warm welcome; ovation; [例句]人们热烈欢迎代表团满载而归。 People warmly welcome the return with full honours of the delegation.

热烈欢迎 a warm welcome give sb . a warm welcome accord ... a hearty welcome 热烈欢迎 with open arms; ovation; roll out the red carpet; give someone some skin; 表示热烈欢迎 express/extend warm welcome; 我被热烈欢迎 I was welcom...

热烈欢迎某某一行来我们厂考察指导 Warmly welcome xx and his team to our factory for a visit and conduction. Warmly welcome xx and his team to visit our factory and give conduction.

warmly welcome the guests to visit our institute

welcome to……

Warmly welcome DELPHI leader to visit!

Warm welcome for all the leaders.

对来访客人表示热烈欢迎 Extending heated and sincere welcome to the visiting guests

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