《she》 groove coverage唱的 还有《the lazy song》还有《payphone》


taylor swift:ours ,stay beautiful ,the outside,enchanted,mary's song; when you say nothing at all; dying in the sun; someone like you(这首其实很红了,但真的很好听,很想推荐) if i die young; breathe; falling for you; feel bett...

something in the water stand for you behing these hazel eyes call me maybe

100首经典好听的英文歌曲 1. don't cry--guns n' roses我所认真听完的第一首摇滚,这首歌曾唱哭了千万人。总是能够触痛了心底最软的地方,心抽痛着,眼圈红了,却没有眼泪渗 出,每多听一次就多一次的依恋... 2. fade to black--metallic金属乐队...

happy birthday to you right here waiting yesterday yesterday once more auld lang syne everything i do hotel california it might be you let it be no matter what scarborough fair take me home,country road you need me 纯手打 望采纳!

Tell Me - Bobby Valentino Bobby Valentino Tim drop the beat for me Do it really sexy for me, yeah Y��all see that girl over there Hey girl, check this out right here Say baby what��s your story You g...,看下这个链接,我觉得这里面歌曲还是相当不错的

and the question is saved.

What Makes You Beautiful

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