我公司始建与2005年,位于江苏省常熟*******内,全厂占地6000多平方米, Our company started in 2005,located in XXX, Chang Shu City, Jiang Su Province, which covers 6000 square metres. 主要从事 外贸梭织服装的进出口业务,主要产品为棉...

你能看见一个工厂吗 Can you see a factory

工厂简介: 工厂又称制造厂,是一类用以生产货物的大型工业建筑物。大部分工厂都拥有以大型机器或设备构成的生产线。在世界近代史中泛指资本主义机器大生产,即使用机械化劳动代替手工劳动的资本主义工业场所。18~19世纪,经过工业革命,机器在...

It is highly appreciated for your continuing grand supports to us. The ordered goods will be finished and ready for your onsite check in our plant on the 20th of January 2016. We sincerely invite you to visit our plant for cond...

set up a factory ----He sets up a factory. found a factory build a factory 一般用第一个。

According to the requirements of you before, the varieties of merging in a single factory factory inspection, but we think that one thousand have quality problem, is not conducive to rework. We suggest or on different factory i...

I'm trying to negotiate with our factory to see if the goods will be finished earlier.

Is that factory's quotation based on this size? we can hardly accept your price.

You don't have to say sorry to me, I as long as the money, I also want to pay to the factory!

It took you almost a month to confirm the order. The factory has gone up the price. This price can't be maintained.

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