Only when we focus on the reality will our life be

只有当雨停了的时候,比赛才能重新开始。 Only when the rain stopped, t

Not only rely on the government, we should also ma

You are the only one for me in this multifarious w

I am not only good at Chinese, but also good at En

这儿有各种各样的选修课,不仅有成绩优秀的人可以找到自己合适的课程,成绩一般的人也可以找到。 not

首先这个句子翻译有误,也就是说不正确。 合适的句子, I have been here for on

Only this morning did he went jogging. Only you

playing computer games is not only wasting our tim

not onlybut also..连接并列分句,not only所在的分句必须倒装,既然是分

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