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How Years Passing Rapidly,Yet X-mas`s arriving.扮高敬陛,忿聞淵貴壅匝.


泌和:1、辛參聞喘為業賜宀紅梧,嗤祇序佩鍬咎.2、どうなっているのかしみです 厘豚棋彭泌採椿



The boy is kicking a football.Swimming is good for health.Do not read in the sun.Do not throw litter.I go to bed early.

‐オレンジ/‐orennzi/ ‐兆簡/ 1. ‐哂/orange ;蛉徨,祿.(ミカン親の惚峯およびその惚の各.) オレンジ,ジュス./亙蛉徨岫.オレンジ,スカッシュ./蛉岫釦器邦. 2. 蛉仔弼,拡仔弼.(オレンジ弼.)

take mother's place more educational physical health have to do withwon't be free there will be hundreds of李寡追.

From now, I only hurt you, your pet will not cheat you promise everything about you I will do, to tell you every word is truth, do not bully you, not scold you, some people bully you, I will be the first time out to help you when you are happy, I will

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