Far Away From Home 和 I Want It That A Way 或者 Baby 也有 My Heart Will Go On 这些都不错啦,挺经典的,


I wanna love you forever很高,女声,很难


pretty boy 不错!

我先介绍几首1i cry 2 miss you finally careless whisper I cry 超喜欢 some where only we know longly,很好听的 get down yesterday once more god is girl Because you love me never say goodbye 1.without you 2.hero 玛利亚 凯丽的两首我...

Spooky - Dusty Springfield In the cool of the evening When everything is gettin kind of groovy You call me up and ask me Would I like to go with you and see a movie First I say no, I've got some plans for the night And then I s...

to be with u

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to XXX Happy Birthday to you 祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐!

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