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急求翻译,新编大学英语2【浙大版】课文阅读 b2u3_passage_1和2,即课后阅读。

p131.I'm tired,I should not have gone to bed so late last night.2.I don't/didn't know Bob very well,but we go/went out for an occasional drink together.3.We are supposed to meet her at the train station.4.You could clearly see people drowning,but/and

你用的是那个版本的教材啊,我们用的也是浙大版的新编大学英语,但是这句话是出现在第六单元FOOD里的啊1We regard him as one of the best players in the game.2The scientist picked up those little pieces of rock and carefully put them into a

你确定是浙江大学出版的吗我只有浙江大学编著 外语教学与研究出版社出版的Unit One1.He walked slowly because of his broken leg.2.Despite his serious illness, he attended the meeting.3.He saw to it that the same mistakes would not happen


《新编大学英语》第三版第二册课后翻译答案.2 1)很多事情导致了我与那家公司断绝关系.(contribute to) A lot of things contributed to the end of my relationship with that company. 2. 面对严峻的疾病,她表现出了巨大的勇气.(in the face of)She

Unit3 II. Listening Skills Understanding Times and Dates 1. W: Oh, look at the clock. It's 5:15. I'll be late for Jennifer's birthday party! I was supposed to leave at 5 o'clock. M: Don't worry! You still have some time. The clock is twenty minutes

楼主你使用的是哪一个版本的英语教材? 因为你没有说明,我先给你一个新世纪的教材翻译,或许正是你想要的,祝你好运! Unit One 1. 有一百份卷子要批,而且全是


1--2翻译.(部分答案VocabularyI. 1. 1) arguments 2) put down3) sequence 4) rigid5) tedious 6) hold back7) reputation 8) distribute9) off and on 10) vivid11) associate with 12) congratulations13) finally 14) turn in/


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