Generally speaking, selfishness is not a strange thing to us. It's human nature to be selfishness. However, if everyone puts the selfishness in the first place, it would do great harm to our society. When comes to troubles, the first thing we consider is to

I spent this holiday very quick, on the 1st May, we went to the Zoo, there were crowded there, so many travelers coming from all over the country to have some fun during the holidays.On 2nd May, I visited my relatives with my parents, we had a great

this week i have done a lot of things.firstly i cleaned my was really a hard work.but it pays.secondly i washed my clothes.through this i knew how great my mother is.thirdly i played grandma"s birthday is at i will buy a present for grandma's birthday.all in all,i have a very happy week.

if i have enough money if i have enough money,i will travel for seven days.the fitst day,i will go to beijing.because beijing is the capital city of china.first,i will go to tian'anmen square.and then,i will go to the palace museum.then,i will go to my

May 1 international labor day also say "May Day", the annual May Day. It is the world of the proletariat, working people's team level holiday together.This section of the city of Chicago from United States workers strike. On May 1, 1886, of Chicago,

May Day is Labour Day. We will have a three-day holiday. I plan to wake up early in the morning to get some exercises. When get back from sports, I will spend a few time on readings. In the afternoon, I will play computer games with friends via


你好,我在网上找了劳动节的由来,然后把它翻译成了英文,以下供你参考:五一劳动节的由来 1889年7月14日,由各国马克思主义者召集的社会主义者代表大会,在法国巴黎隆重开幕.这次大会上,法国代表拉文提议:把1886年5月1日美国

Today is May Day. I am very happy. In the morning I go to a park with my parents. We go there by bus. There are many people in the bus because it is a holiday. There are many people in the park. There are many children there. Some are playing by

During May day,I went to Shanghai with my family.We all fell in love with it at the moment we saw it.Shanghai is really a beautiful city!There are many tall buildings and trees!There are also many flowers,it makes Shanghai look like a nice garden!If I

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