根据上文的调查报告从中得出了 According to the survey report above the

As what mentioned above或者直接说As mentioned above

In an earlier paragraph I have explain about this point.

We have obtained the B/L today. Please kindly see attachment and check if it is ok. We will send the documents out to you once we received your confirmation.

只好一句一句删了,还是用有道吧,不会出现这种情况 也许这个可以帮上你啦。

different embodiments of Chinese and foreign metaphor in culture

44页2E 比尔:嘿,艾伦。生日快乐! 艾伦:谢谢你,比尔。 比尔:那么,你多大了,艾伦? 艾伦:我12岁。你多大了? 比尔:我13岁。 艾伦:你的生日在什么时候? 比尔:我的生日在八月。 艾伦:好吧,你想参加我的生日聚会吗? 比尔:噢,是的。...

1.We have language lessons Monday.2.They have English classes on Tuesday.3.I have math classes every day.4.Lily have computer classes on Thursday。5.They do not have classes on Saturdays and Sundays。6.We get up at 6:00 am。7.I...

as the article telling us ,the pollution is very serious all over the word

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