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参加展会 英语怎么说

Attend the exhibition 参加展会一般有三种身份: attendee(参加者,出席者) exporter(出口商) importer(进口商) 如果连接以上单词,可以用as,即attend the exhibition as an attendee/exporter/importer

参加展会 Trade Fair; [例句]这是我第一次在香港甚至中国作为参展人员参加展会。 It was my first time to attend and be an exhibitor in HongKong as well as in Mainland China.

参加展会”的英文翻译_百度翻译 参加展会” Attend exhibition" exhibition_百度翻译 exhibition 英[ˌeksɪˈbɪʃn] 美[ˌɛksəˈbɪʃən] n. 陈列,展览; 展览品,陈列品; 表明; [法] (证...

take part in the exhibition participate in the exhibition engage in the exhibition

参展商 the exhibitor 举办方 the organizer

展台 [名] exhibition booth; [例句]全部教室配备电脑、投影仪、视频展台和音响、广播设备。 All classrooms equipped with computers, projectors, video and audio booth, broadcasting equipment.

Exhibition supplies 重点词汇释义 展会 exhibition 用品 appliance; articles for use

“Have you settle the time?"

Appreciating your attendance to our exhibition few days ago,we want to have a comprehension on the testing results about our products A and B, if there is any questions you have or want to know more information,keep in touch an...

参展证 (permission可要可不要) certificate for exhibition 办理展会的参展证或观展证 to manage with certificate for exhibition or visit/visiting(2选1) certificate as of the expo

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