不要把我一个人丢下.的英文翻译_ 不要把我一个人丢下. Don't leave me alone. 重点词汇 不要don't 一个人one 丢下throw down; lay aside; leave behind; hurl

Don't leave me alone,OK?

1, I am the only one. 2, Are you the only one? 3, I don't like flaunt person. or I don't like the people who like to show off.

I have nothing but you. You are the only one I get. Please don't go. Don't leave me alone.

Don't let me a person 若对你帮助,望采纳,谢谢了

我在想念一个人的英文:I'm thinking of somebody think 读法 英 [θɪŋk] 美 [θɪŋk] 1、vt. 想;认为;想起;想像;打算 2、vi. 想;认为 3、n. 想;想法 4、adj. 思想的 短语: 1、think big 野心勃勃,好高鹜远 2、think i...

Don't leave me alone. (注解:leave 有离开的意思,在这里解释为留下,丢下)

I'm pretty good myself. 或 I lived very well alone.

这世界好残忍,把我一个人丢在这 英语 This world is cruel, I am a man lost in this 韩语이 세계 에 내 좋 은 잔 인 한 국제적 인 망신 ...

Don't ignore me, let me down.

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