Hutong of Beijing are very interesting.英语 Les ruelle de Beijing ce sont très intéressantes.法语

Located in the southeast, south east, west to ChaoYangMen street south street, grabbing south and east, west, north LuoJuan hutongs of interior street, ChaoYangMen sub-district offices jurisdiction. It is the local history and ...

He enjoys travelling . He went to Beijing with his parents last year, visited the Beijing Hutong and ate lots tasty foods.

1.The snacks and food/cuisines of special folk flavours in Beijing' alleys are quite yummy~ 2.Beijing's alleys are quite featured with their yummy snacks and food/cuisines . 楼主可选择其中一个

北京胡同-Beijing Hutong,Beijing lanes

Hutong···这个真不骗你···就像tofu一样 北京胡同也有这种名称

你好! 我们乘三轮车游览了北京的胡同 We went on a tour of Beijing's hutongs by tricycle

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