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帮忙翻译一首英文歌曲 thunder

I might be a young girl but I know how to have fun 我也许是个小女孩,但我知道怎样才能玩得高兴I got them boys chasing me trying make me the one 我是那些男孩追求我,试着使我成为他们的另一半When I'm out shopping it's like having a gun当

My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne(艾薇尔.拉维妮) 我的快乐结局 So much for my happy ending Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh 只为给我个快乐结局 噢 Let's talk this over 我们好好谈谈吧 It's not like we're dead 我们不要再装死了 Was it something I

Love to bloom

if I close my eyes forever 如果我永远的闭上双眼I know you will be always there, baby 亲爱的我知道 你永远都会在那We will stay together 我们会永远在一起and this branded love will share 即使你不在我身边even tough you're not around me 这刻骨

Summer Days In Bloom 盛夏的日子 Paralyzed by ancient delight 曾因过去的快乐而麻痹 And riding for a fall today 又在一个秋日中复活 I am dressed in style, so eager in mind 我身着盛装,充满渴望 But furthermore distracted by you 但此外便皆因

A hundred days have made me older/一百个日子使得我变老 Since the last time that I saw your pretty face/自从上次看到你美丽的脸庞 A thousand lies have made me colder/上千个谎言令我心寒 And I don't think I can look at this the same/我以为我

Hold on little girl〖坚持下去 小女孩〗 Show me what he\'s done to you〖告诉我 他都对你做了什么 〗 Stand up little girl〖站起来 小女孩〗 A broken heart can\'t be that bad〖就算心碎也不该自暴自弃〗 When it\'s through, it\'s through〖往事不堪回

Day by day, watching you disappear 一天天,看着你消失 Wishing that you were still here beside me 希望你仍然坐在我旁边 On my own, swimming against the tide 对我自己, 我是逆潮流而上 There's nobody on my side but your memory 我身边空

Does not have the thing to be able to compare favorably with saw you open the door, prepares the dinner for me, perhaps we eat together are going, watches the television together. Has you in each day, is so happy, therefore leaves you to other

You don't rembember你不记得All the things 所有我曾做过的I did and the times I ran一切,不记得我曾逃跑You've forgotten你已忘记 Who I used to be 曾经的我是怎样You just see who i am你只看到如今的我 There's not a single day我成为现在的我

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