I want to invite you to dinner.


I want to have dinner with you (together).或: I would like to have supper with you.

你想请史密斯先生吃晚餐(你付钱):Mr Smith,I would like to invite you to dinner on Tuesday.Would you be free on that day?If that day suits you,shall we meet at Great Wall Restaurant (101 Changan Street) at 7:00pm?I am looking forward to your

He was very happy to have dinner with us.

为了回报他的好客,我打算邀请他来共进晚餐 .(in return)In return for his hospitality,I plan to invite him to dinner.我发现很难与那些一贯固执己见的人合作.(stick to)I

over这是over的一种特殊用法,其意相当"一面…,一面…",全句之意为:他们一边喝着咖啡,一边愉快地交谈.如:we discussed the matter over tea and cakes."我们一边讨论问题,一边用茶和点心".再如: we waited over a cup of

You can make it Make it happen Make it up Make it to 还有什么什么很多

准确的讲谓语动词只有like.would 是情态动词,后面加动词原形,表示“愿意、要、情愿”等,用于表达句子的婉转性.把would去掉也是可以的:I like to invite all my friends to come.所以谓语动词是like.

I want to invite you to a concert which will be held next Friday. 定语从句修饰concert

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