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Please open the door, Mike . _____. A. That's a...

( )Tom ate —— apple this morning,but —— apple is for his mom A.the , the , the , an D.the , an

影碧空尽, 唯见长江天

mike, it's near the door 迈克,它在门的附近

6)He is closing the window;14;s 2)Look:Li ...1)Mike is climbing the hill。 6)The students ...A。 7)Please open the door;sleep. 4)---__...

1.C 特指用the 2.A 因为后面用了are 所以主语应该是复数 twins 3.B Sam的 4.C 5.C Mrs 夫人

Where is mike? i does not draw any pictures on the wall

仁爱英语七年级下期中卷 带答案哦5 46130123 | 2009-04-25 我很急今天就要 作业不会,学霸帮你 立即下载 点击登录,马上回答 ...

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