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--Shall we go to the park next Sunday? --______...

D Shall we do sth ?表示建议做某事,一般用That sounds good!或Good idea,故选D

C 这是一种简略问句。原句应为:What shall we go there for?,把与前句相同的部分省略。后面的答语也应当省略“We shall go there”只用不定式短语这个目的状语来回答。

Shall we go visit the Memorial Hall next sunday?


Shall we go hiking on Sunday? When shall we have the party?3. be about...The Queen is to visit China next month. You are not to stand there.其他...

疑问句:Shall I/we go? Will you/he/she/they ...外) --- why will you be here on sunday?--...例如 : I will / shall go to visit him next ...

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