If my memory is correct,.... I have the impression that....

have a great impression on sb,第一次和我男朋友相亲,我清秀的外表和优雅的风趣给他留下了深刻的印象。

Have you formed an impression about me? 或Have you made an impression on me? 或Did you have an impression of me?

The most impressive to me I went to the Great Wall with my friends last summer. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. We walked on the wall for about two hours. We took lots of photos. Then we met...

sth. leave a deep impression on me have a deep impression on...

Is it who that impress you most ? 解释一下: is it who 是谁 后边that可以去掉 用来引导一个从句 impress you most (最使你印象深刻) 当然不只这一种翻译方法,好多。 who (had/have) impressed you most? 最简单。。。。 不懂问我 希望你...

What do you think of China?What's your opinion of China?What is your impression on China?

印象深刻 Impressive 印象深刻 Impressive

Shanghai left a deep impression on me

struck me most deeply in my memory

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