在我的世界里有你的存在 Have you in my world 在我的世界里有你的存在 Have you in my world

回答和翻译如下: 我的世界一直都有你。 My world has always been with you.

直译: You exist in my world. 意译: You are always in my heart/I will remember you forever.

Thanks for you appearing in my world

you are always in my world just because you are my world.

my world is so wonderful due to your existence

I no longer have you in my world. You are not in my world any more. Fron now on,world doesn't have you. 三者皆可。希望对您有所帮助~

我让你走进了我的世界,但是我从来没有怀疑过。 I let you walk into my world, but I never doubted.

从此以后, 我的世界不再有你, 不再有爱. 英语: From now on, it's no longer to have you and love in my world .

不经意间、你已经走进了我的世界,而那里只有你一个人 Casual, you have already walked into my world, and there is only one

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