在我的世界里有你的存在 Have you in my world 在我的世界里有你的存在 Have you in my world

翻译如下: 我的世界一直都有你 My world has always been with you

直译: You exist in my world. 意译: You are always in my heart/I will remember you forever.

there is others in yor world, but you are the only one in my world

Come off your miserable affection(别和我提什么鸟感情) and get the hell/ bloody/ the fuck/ fucking outta my world (滚出我的世界 hell 是增强语气 但是后面三个语气就重些 类似是快TM滚)

I am just one of the common people in your world, but in my world, you are the only one.

You do what you wish recklessly without restraint in my world.

我让你走进了我的世界,但是我从来没有怀疑过。 I let you walk into my world, but I never doubted.

Thanks for you appearing in my world

“我的世界”的英文翻译是:My world 1、我丢了工作,我的世界好像都垮掉了。 I lost my job and it was like my world collapsed 2、我是全世界的女王,而在我的世界里,你是我的王。 I am the Queen of the world, but you are the King of my ...

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