在我的世界里有你的存在 Have you in my world 在我的世界里有你的存在 Have you in my world

翻译如下: 我的世界一直都有你 My world has always been with you

我的世界不在,有你存在 My world is absent. There is you, who exists. 我的世界不(再)有你存在 My world no longer has you as being existent. 如果答案对亲有所帮助请采纳予以鼓励! 如果有疑问可以追问

是“不再有你存在”吧 You no longer exiest in my world.

there is others in yor world, but you are the only one in my world

I am just one of the common people in your world, but in my world, you are the only one.

Come off your miserable affection(别和我提什么鸟感情) and get the hell/ bloody/ the fuck/ fucking outta my world (滚出我的世界 hell 是增强语气 但是后面三个语气就重些 类似是快TM滚)

You do what you wish recklessly without restraint in my world.

我让你走进了我的世界,但是我从来没有怀疑过。 I let you walk into my world, but I never doubted.


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