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遗漏 英文

遗漏了信件 have omitted the mail. have left out the mail 动词原形分别是:omit 和leave out

如有遗漏,请补充 If there are omissions, please add! 注: omissions 英 [ə'mɪʃnz] 美 [ə'mɪʃnz] n. 遗漏; 省略( omission的名词复数 ); 删节; 略去或漏掉的事(或人); [例句]Omissions in my recent article ...

遗漏问题 Omission problem 遗漏问题 Omission problem

如有遗漏,请补充 If there are omissions, please add 英 [əʊˈmɪʃən] 美 [oˈmɪʃən] n. 省略,删节; 遗漏; 疏忽; [法]不履行法律责任;

Excuse us for any omission or negligence if there is. We'll correct timely.


Many technological innovations, such as the telephone, that appear to be the results of sudden bursts of inspiration in fact were preceded by many inconclusive efforts. 很多科技创新,比如电话的发明,看起来好像是灵感突然爆发的结...

"如有遗漏,请补充." "If there are omissions, please add" "如有遗漏,请补充." "If there are omissions, please add"

errors and omissions excepted [词典] 如有错漏另行更正; [例句]Errors and omissions excepted, the names of proprietary products are distinguished by initial capital letters. 除差错和疏忽外,凡专利产品名称均冠以大写字母,以示区别。

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