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遗漏 英文

如有遗漏,请补充 If there are omissions, please add! 注: omissions 英 [ə'mɪʃnz] 美 [ə'mɪʃnz] n. 遗漏; 省略( omission的名词复数 ); 删节; 略去或漏掉的事(或人); [例句]Omissions in my recent article ...

遗漏 [词典] miss; omit; leave out; drop; overslaugh; [例句]你的名单上遗漏了我的名字。 You have omitted my name from your list.

遗漏问题 Omission problem 遗漏问题 Omission problem

Excuse us for any omission or negligence if there is. We'll correct timely.

"如有遗漏,请补充." "If there are omissions, please add" "如有遗漏,请补充." "If there are omissions, please add"

以上零部件构成信息完整\状态准确,无遗漏和错误 Above components constitute a complete \ state accurate information, without omissions and errors


忽略 遗漏 ignore omissive elide neglect overlook neglection

遗漏了信件 have omitted the mail. have left out the mail 动词原形分别是:omit 和leave out

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